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Best Grooming Trailers

The Best Grooming Trailers for Start-Ups or Mobile Grooming Veterans

UGroom Trailers provides mobile dog salon shops in Fairview, Texas, and across the country. We have a selection of reasonably priced pet grooming trailers for sale that fit your needs and budget. Compared to fitted vans, trailers are typically 25% less costly and since there is no motor attached, your shop will incur minimal devaluation.

UGroom Star Line Premium Salons are available in:

6x10 Single Axle for only $28,000
6x12 Dual Axle for only $30,000
7x14 Dual Axle for only $35,000 (includes a 62” Premium Tub)

UGroom Star Line Premium Salons include all the features of the Blue Ribbon Trailers along with Grooming Upgrades that Include:

  • Roof Mounted Air Conditioner
  • Wall unit included acts also as a dehumidifier
  • 2nd Roof Vent
  • 3 Speed Powered Roof Vent
  • Electric Trailer Jack w/ Light
  • Marine Battery and Trickle charger
  • Rotating, Ultra low Z-Lift Electric Table 400 Lb Capacity
  • Additional round LED light over Tub
  • Upgraded Premium 50” SS Tub w/ entry Door
  • Additional 18” aluminum cabinet with SS Counter Top next to tub
  • Altro Transflor Wood Safety Waterproof Flooring (Choice of Colors, additional finishes)

Grooming Trailer

Grooming Tub